Our benefits:
  • Ability to earn up to $2500 per month
  • Ability to manage your time
  • Comfortable working conditions (you can work from home or from any other place you would like to)
  • Payments are always released on time; we send payments 2 times per month
  • Our support team is available 24/7 for your convenience
  • You can decide how much work you can handle
  • Ability to choose which order you would like to complete
  • Ability to receive a promotion

"How do I register?"

In order to register on the website, you need to click on “Join” button in the upper right corner. The potential writer has to fill in all the registration details and contact information. Please, provide your mobile phone number and verify it. Please, do not use IP phone system, because SMS cannot be received through IP phone systems in order to identify and/or notify the person in certain cases. After the registration process is completed, please follow the directions that will be given to you on the screen.

Please, mind that not all writers’ applications will be activated due to fraud actions prevention and company’s requirements.

"How will I get paid? How many times per month do you issue the payments?"

Currently, we offer 2 payment options: Payoneer cards and PayPal. The most preferable for the company is Payoneer. If you select a payment option of Payoneer, please make sure to apply for a card on the website payoneer.com. The company does not cover a registration fee of $20 for a card. To be paid on Payoneer card, please make sure you link your OWN CARD to company’s Payoneer account. In certain cases, the company may ask for additional documentation from the writer. The funds will be issued 2 times per month: for the first two weeks, the payment is issued on 16th-19th; for the next two weeks, the payment is issued on the 2nd-5th.

The company will hold payments for completed orders that are on the status of revision, unconfirmed revision, completed (before approval), and dispute. Payment for the approved orders may also stay on hold for some time to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the delivered order. Some more information on this issue can be found on the Help page of your personal writer’s account.

“What is the paper standard?”

• 275 words per page
• 12 Times New Roman/Arial font
• Double Spaced
• 1-inch margins on all sides
• Microsoft Word (.doc) or PowerPoint (.ppt)
• Bibliography page, title page, references, works cited page as per the requirements of the order
• Name of file you complete should correspond to the order number
• You have to follow the citation style requested by the customer (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard or other)

"What if I am late with the order?"

If you feel that you are going to be late, you have to contact the support team immediately through message in the admin system (in the actual order) and ask for an extension. The extension might be provided to you if it is possible to manage within the final deadline of the order. In some cases, the extension might not be possible. If you are already late with the order and you had not notified the support representative about the lateness before it had occurred, the fine will be implied to your payment as per the Policies of the company. You may be reassigned from the order in certain cases.

“What if plagiarism was detected in the delivered work?”

Avoiding plagiarism is one of the main points in our company. In case the support team or the system detects plagiarism in the delivered paper, the writer will get the maximum fine and this will have a bad influence on the writer’s account level. In case the writer plagiarizes more than three times, the account of the writer can be suspended or banned by the system or quality control manager.

“What if the client changes the initial instructions of the order in the revision request?”

The writer is obliged to inform the support team if the client changes the original order instructions. You have to notify the support team about changes in the order instructions BEFORE you start working on the revision. In case you inform the support team about the issue after the revision is completed, you will not get an additional payment for change in the initial order instructions.

We advise you to cooperate with each customer directly and in case the customer makes minor changes to the order instructions, you should better accept the little changes in order to avoid any possible future disputes, money back requests, refunds, numerous revisions, and problems with the order.

“If the customer has not provided me with full paper instructions or needed files, what do I do?”

First of all, you cannot cheat with us by saying «I need a clarification from the client» and simply extend the deadline of the order for yourself because of your needs. The support team clearly understands and checks if indeed the clarification is needed from the client or not.

In case you do need a reply or clarification from the client anymore, please notify the support team and write a direct message to the client from your personal area on the website. This should be done as soon as you have taken the order.

"How will I be contacted?"

Our support team will contact you through email, chat, messages in the system, phone calls and/or SMS. A customer can contact you only through messages in the admin system.

"Do you have a bonus system?"

Yes, our company offers a bonus system for all our writers. For the group of advanced writers, we offer certain rules: to take orders without bidding on them, the advanced writer can assign themselves an order directly (average writer has to put a bid on the order and the support team decides which writer should be assigned to the case), special kinds of bonuses will be implied to the group of top writers, stable work in low season period (first priority of assigned orders). There are also some encouraging bonuses or the delivery of the high-quality papers, which are considered by our Quality Department.

"What kind of orders do you usually provide the writers with?"

You will be able to choose from the different types of assignments, such as term papers, research papers, essays, literature reviews, speeches etc. All the instructions provided by the client have to be followed directly. You can see orders on Humanities, as well as orders on technical subjects, such as IT, Engineering etc. In case you notice a contradiction between the paper instructions field and selections in the form, you are to notify support team immediately.

"What about confidentiality?"

The company takes care of the both sides: writers and customers. We do not spread any documents, personal information between the parties. You as a writer do not have a permission to disclose your personal information namely your name and last name, phone number, country, email address, any documents or any other private details, as well as you are not allowed to use any of the customer’s personal details on personal purposes. A breach of this agreement leads to a ban of the writer’s account.